Our Team

30+ years of experience in energy-related market and environmental analysis, sustainability, and organizational leadership, working for Federal agencies, Fortune 500 utilities and consulting firms. Contributions have ranged from the United States technical team supporting the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, to specialized projects for cities and universities, to some of the world’s largest clean energy capital investments. The United Nations, U.S. and international news media, and numerous academic and professional publications have cited work. Holds degrees in geographic studies from the University of Chicago and public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  He is a member of the US Technical Advisory Group to the International Standards Organization and also chairs the Map Steering Committee for the US Energy Information Administration
Asha has supported executive teams in a wide variety of private and public sector organisations in Europe and Asia. She is a recognised specialist in collective leadership and development and cultural transformation to deal effectively with complex, emerging conditions.
Her fresh, liberal arts approach has enabled teams to ExCom level to expand their sense-making, engage fully, pivot quickly and generate new, relevant solutions for their internal and commercial challenges. She loves witnessing people grow authentically beyond what they thought possible and find new energy and opportunity even in limited conditions.
She is a practising sculptor and performer, with a keen interest in what lies below the surface of daily life. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and pro-bono adviser to the nascent Basu Rai Initiative Foundation, an Indian charity which aims to protect children from all forms of exploitation. Following some desperate requests for help from healthcare workers to be put in contact with frontline workers when the coronavirus erupted in Italy, she broughts together a small group of people and set up the Healthworkers Co-learning Hub, a free, decentralised network for learning across boundaries in healthcare.
Asha holds a degree in mechanical engineering, post-graduate qualifications in coaching and business, and professional certificates in complexity, leadership and cultural assessment and emotional intelligence. Prior to working in organisational learning and development, she worked in strategy and communications in the UK public sector. Currently living in Milan, Italy.
Neo Vecci is a music producer, recording artist, performer and visual storyteller dedicated to his craft and the transformative power of music.
For more than 15 years, Kate has led strategy, leadership and cultural design for startups and mature million to multi-billion dollar companies in the areas of: Materials, Consumer Goods, Transportation, Energy, Education and Health Care. Kate has extensive experience on the grassroots and community levels creating medical/health care initiatives in the United States, Central America, India and Indonesia. Kate draws upon her deep knowledge of systems change, ecosystem design and distributed partnership in order to facilitate the interaction of diverse stakeholder groups working together to build new markets and new business opportunities
25+ years experience as an economist and strategic analyst for public and private entities in broadband, digital transformation and economic development initiatives. Extensive expertise using proprietary economic analysis system to show how digital infrastructure investments can pay for themselves while maximizing economic growth and community benefits through broadband deployment and utilization. Government and global firms have cited his studies that show how broadband investments stimulate economic development and generate significant returns to GDP – often over 10 times the investment.
Received his Honors B.Sc. in Economics and Political Science from Dalhousie University and a Masters in Economics from the University of Waterloo.
Rick has a Ph.D. In Pharmaceutical Sciences and extensive experience in business and real estate
development. He has experience in financial planning and connections and widespread networks to trusted partners to support the expansion of actionable plans. All work is carried out with a strong ethical fiduciary focus on outcomes that are in the best interest of communities, and an overall perspective of maximizing individual and corporate value delivery, realization of potential, and revitalizing communities. around the world.
In the field of Health & Medicine he was a Staff Fellow at The National Institutes of Health, founded Toxicology Departments at Tacoma General Hospital and Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. He also
Founded Comprehensive Toxicology Services and grew it to 13 locations from Manila to Baltimore. He founded the Footsteps Institute for Rare Diseases.
In the field of Real-Estate he has served as Owners representative responsible for construction projects
up to $65 million and developed numerous other business and real estate development partnerships.
Using all these tools, Rick focuses on helping generous and grateful people clarify their aspirational visions around maximizing their contributions. He connects with others with these same values ​​and mindsets, and teams up to discover and implement actionable plans to amplify their impacts together.
All of this while walking  on paths prepared for them and moving towards greater gratitude and
generosity as they transition to who they were created to be.
Mic Crenshaw is an Emcee, Educator and Activist. Crenshaw’s became an activist and educator whilst confronting violent racist on the streets of MPLS, Minnesota during the 1980’s and 90’s. Crenshaw’s educational work developed in the streets and classrooms as he was hired to teach social studies in his senior year of high school. The perspective developed through struggles for justice and  narrative construction have crafted some of the sharpest and most respected Lyricism in Portland Oregon and beyond. Crenshaw is an emcee in Rebel Wise and numerous projects.
Dr. Richard Mutura Bariu holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies from Africa International University, a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from same University and a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University. He also a Research Associate of Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Richard has vast experience in teaching, leadership and management at University level having lectured in Kenyatta University, Karatina University, where he also doubled as University Chaplain and Africa Christian University. Additionally, Richard is very passionate about faith-based transformation of cities and communities and an advocate of social justice. He has consulted for Tearfund, and Kingdom Story Ministries, in Seattle, USA. Richard is also a member of HAKIAMANI (Just Peace) Think Tank. He has a great wealth of experience in management of NGO’s, he is the immediate former Executive
Director of Hesabika Trust and founder of Community Transformation Centre. He has chaired several boards, one of which is Ripples International for eight (8) years.
25+ years experience working with partners, companies, NGO’s and non-profits globally creating new businesses, projects and prototypes. Extensive experience designing + implementing system-wide transformation endeavors and innovative market ecosystem solutions from startups to multi-billion dollar global brands in multiple industries: new tech, crypto-currencies, materials, energy, transportation, vertical agriculture, biotech, and software. Deep community based organizing + project implementation experience.
Kevin has extensive experience developing, testing, and delivering cutting-edge technologies that solve long-outstanding, complex problems. His combination of precise attention to detail, tenacity, creativity, and deep background in the relevant technical areas/communities consistently generates revolutionary solutions, eliminates technical barriers, and sets the course for successful prototyping/demonstration.  He additionally developed an encompassing formalism to flexibly model large-scale complex systems, by invoking fundamental rules at the microscopic scale to obtain highly accurate and predictive macroscopic results.
Kevin’s formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering, a PhD in Physics, with his Dissertation and Post-Doctoral work in Applied Mathematics.  He also has more than 15 issued patents in global jurisdictions, maintained under continuation to protect developments as they occur. In building his companies, Kevin established the necessary capabilities, teams, and processes to develop and market cutting-edge technologies, while complying with the extensive financial, legal/administrative, and security requirements for commercial and Government contracting, with the resulting products touted by customers as saving hundreds of millions of dollars for their enterprises and achieving results/capabilities that were previously impossible.
Mati Ibañez is an art director based in Mendoza, Argentina, with more than a decade of experience in design and advertising, several times awarded at international independent advertising festivals. A passionate about creativity and photography who likes to experiment with digital art and is always looking for new projects and creative challenges.
He has worked with national and international brands, creating and applying communication, branding and advertising strategies for local business units of Peugeot, Honda, BMW, Mini, Jeep, KIA, Iveco, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and Instituto Zaldivar, among others. His experience covers various areas ranging from retail, health, the automotive industry to education and viticulture, and he has also been able to transfer this experience to collaborations with numerous works with NGO’s and independent projects related to a wide range of topics such as culture, environment, startups and government.
In these 10 years he has taken his passion for graphic design and advertising to various provinces of Argentina and abroad: Canada, Chile, Australia, Qatar, the United States, Denmark and Switzerland.
He is currently working to tackle the new challenges of creativity in digital environments through the application of machine learning and AI.

In service to the creation of a new global economy

Catalyst is in service to the creation of a new global economy that serves the economic, social and personal needs of all participants. In this future, capital flows to communities while families and individuals thrive as they are supported on foundational levels to grow strong and resilient in the face of ever increasing challenges and dangers.