Why does it matter?

The current extractive economy has facilitated the concentration of wealth and power to such a degree that the critical life systems of the planet and societal institutions are rapidly nearing collapse. Two billion years of evolution and this is the best humans can do?

Catalyst is a global non-profit committed to bringing economic sovereignty and local self determination to every community and city in the world.

To achieve this goal, Catalyst is building a global platform that facilitates the economic, intelligence and data flows to empower the rapid scaling of a more efficient, evolved and human economic model.​

When markets and economies are at their best they enable communities and individuals to secure economic sovereignty, build trust, preserve their local ecologies and take responsibility for the entire health and wellbeing of the society. When they are used to usurp local power, wealth and wisdom they undermine the future - for everyone.

We are a global group of individuals committed to creating a superior economic model and a vibrant sovereign future.

Andrew Markell


25+ years experience working with partners, private companies, NGO’s and non-profits globally creating new businesses, projects and prototypes. Extensive experience designing + implementing system-wide transformation endeavors, brand narratives, and innovative market ecosystem solutions from startups to multi-billion dollar global brands in multiple industries: new tech, crypto-currencies, materials, energy, transportation, vertical agriculture, biotech, and software. Deep community based organizing, violence prevention, trauma recovery + project implementation experience.

Rick Branchflower


Rick has a Ph.D. In Pharmaceutical Sciences and extensive experience in business and real estate development. He has experience in financial planning and connections and widespread networks to trusted partners to support the expansion of actionable plans. All work is carried out with a strong ethical fiduciary focus on outcomes that are in the best interest of communities, and an overall perspective of maximizing individual and corporate value delivery, realization of potential, and revitalizing communities. around the world. In the field of Health & Medicine he was a Staff Fellow at The National Institutes of Health, founded Toxicology Departments at Tacoma General Hospital and Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. He also Founded Comprehensive Toxicology Services and grew it to 13 locations from Manila to Baltimore. He founded the Footsteps Institute for Rare Diseases. In the field of Real-Estate he has served as Owners representative responsible for construction projects up to $65 million and  developed numerous other business and real estate development partnerships.

Henrik Lannerhjelm

ecosystem design

Henrik has been a consultant for global organizations in corporate C-suites for more than 20 years. He is a strategist specializing in large-scale, systemic design and leadership training for problem solving. In his analysis he combines abstract thinking and practice in a very pragmatic way.

His training comes from 12 years in the military as a technical officer and a paratrooper in the special forces. His technical specialty was in anti-aircraft missiles and radar systems. He left the military in 2000 as a Major.

He’s now leading a elite team of specialists in cyber security, architecture, security analysis, and business development to bring digital sovereignty and network integrity to the world.

Mati Ibañez Mendez

branding strategy

Mati Ibañez is a creative art director based in Mendoza, Argentina, with more than a decade of experience in design and advertising. He has worked with national and international brands, creating and applying communication, branding and advertising strategies for local business units of Peugeot, Honda, BMW, Mini, Jeep, KIA, Iveco, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts among others. In these 10 years he has taken his passion for graphic design and advertising to various provinces of Argentina and abroad: Canada, Chile, Australia, Qatar, the United States, Denmark and Switzerland. He is currently working to tackle the new challenges of creativity in digital environments through the application of machine learning and AI.

Richard Mutura

global Leadership

18+ years of experience working in research, teaching, and management at the university level. Been leading for-profit and non-profits in Africa. An entrepreneur with business interests in real estate, quarrying, and mining. Extensive experience in social investing, mentoring, and coaching young budding entrepreneurs in the mobilization of capital, wealth creation, scaling up for social impact investing from ideation, to product rollout. An innovator and thought leader in faith-led business enterprises and robust workplace ministry ecosystem where “every believer becomes a minister and every place, a place of ministry” for sustainable transformation of  African communities. 

Kate Markell


For more than 15 years, Kate has led strategy, leadership and cultural design for startups and mature million to multi-billion dollar companies in the areas of: Materials, Consumer Goods, Transportation, Energy, Education and Health Care. Kate has extensive experience on the grassroots and community levels creating medical/health care initiatives in the United States, Central America, India and Indonesia. Kate draws upon her deep knowledge of systems change, ecosystem design and distributed partnership in order to facilitate the interaction of diverse stakeholder groups working together to build new markets and new business opportunities

Jason Miller

Business Development

24 years in senior positions of family business. Experience in fulfillment + logistics, warehouse management, production, sales, sales team management, vendor relations, marketing + promotion,  business development and corporate leadership.  Deep understanding of the diversity of economic and emotional dynamics unique to family business operations. Experience around the challenging landscape of legacy capital and power transitions from one generation to the next. 

We are currently raising funds to build our global platform

The platform will support the essential capital, data and intelligence flows that empower what is called Sovereign Wealth Creation around the globe. Sovereign Wealth Creation enables communities to control their local wealth in the form of essential infrastructure and to be free of the global extractive economic machine.

We face a choice

Profit off of the back of widespread suffering, ecological devastation and the loss of essential freedoms or accept the worthy mission.

Become sovereign. Participate in the creation of a future that raises all the boats in the harbor – a future worthy of our ancestors, kids and grandkids.


For sixty years, many mechanisms and strategies have been implemented in an attempt to revitalize the planet, help people, and curb the concentration of wealth and power. We know them well: sustainability, impact investment, philanthropy, business for “good.” And because they all operate within the extractive capital framework, they have predictably failed.

It is the best
of times

The hundreds of trillions of dollars currently earmarked for infrastructure development and investment for “good” is used to ensure local ownership and control of life critical digital, physical and financial infrastructure. Freedom and self-determination prevail over centralized control.

It is the worst
of times

“We are in a spiritual combat in which the future of humanity is being decided: will we reach our true human dimension, or will we resign ourselves to being puppets forever? Will we move forward as a civilization, or, to use the words of the great Amin Maalouf, will we sink into shipwreck allowing the darkness to spread further?”


Former Deputy General Manager and Vice President of Triodos Bank. Current President of the Dinero y Conciencia

Sovereign Wealth Creation

It is time to revitalize the planet, build new institutions and return economic and political power back to local communities and cities.

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